Continuing education


Throughout their career, EPFL alumni often need to value their profile and to develop their skills within further education, professionnal trainings and certifications.

To help you achieve your goals, the EPFL Alumni department and EPFL ecosystem offer dedicated services:

You want to identify the right education programs or professional certifications suited to your profile and goals.
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EPFL Alumni provides you with a non-exhaustive list of main education fields and related programs/certifications that some alumni usually complete or that we deem of interest based on experience and feedbacks.

Find out the list of these education programs (including links for further information) by clicking here.

EPFL Alumni does not recommend any particular school or institution (other than EPFL that is) as there is no in-depth benchmarking study available. If you are contemplating any education fields and programs, our Career advisor can help you to choose those that suit the best according to your profile and professional objectives.



You will find a wide range of online courses/education programs covering many technical, management and softskills fields in the following websites, including EPFL programs.
Massive Open Online Courses (*), i.e. MOOCs, are offered by prestigious universities around the world with the option to get certified (which is recommended so far as you want to validate your knowledge). You may consider paying for course completion certificates, exams certificates and graded items.

EPFL programs: EPFL Center for Digital Education; EPFL Extension School

MOOCs platforms: Coursera; edX; FutureLearn; Cognitive Class; iversity; UDACITY; Khan Academy


Career Service: