Career support


EPFL alumni can benefit from a efficient support for their career through two tailor-made and confidential services.

These services are provided by an expert on the job market with 15+ years experience in different industries, countries and professions, such as recruitment, business development and management.

Young alumni can also benefit from a mentoring program thanks to experienced alumni acting as mentors. Another page is dedicated to our mentoring program for EPFL young talents.



The Career hotline is a remote support service which helps you with specific issues, requiring around half an hour processing.
Please find frequent issues below:

  • Career progression & salary negotiation;
  • CV check & work certificate check;
  • Swiss employment law;
  • Recognition of diploma abroad.

The Career hotline service is available for contributing members (i.e. with any valid annual contribution).
The different levels of annual contributions and related benefits are available here.
If your request implies an in-depth analysis of your profile and career options, the career advisor may suggest you choose a 90-minute career support session.
Submit your career issue here.



The 90-minute career support session is a face to face personal meeting at the Rolex Learning Center or via Skype.
Please find below a few topics covered during a session:

  • Advice and coaching on career strategy, professional development, visibility on the job market, continuing education;
  • Advice on career shift, employability according to the job market and on your positioning in terms of profile, jobs & industries;
  • Job hunt support: best practices, methods, tools & channels, networking, application file, mock interview, personal branding;
  • Advice for your career abroad or your return to Switzerland.

The price of one 90-minute career support session is CHF 250.- (incl. VAT), and CHF 100.- (incl. VAT) for Standard contributing members. Club and Gold Contributing members benefit from one free support session per year. Additional career support sessions are based on the same prices. And if you are not a contributing member yet, you have the option to pay for both the Standard annual contribution and career support session, i.e. CHF 200.- (incl. VAT), simultaneously.

If you want to benefit from this service, please fill in the short form by clicking the link below.
Our career advisor will get back to you soon.
Request your career support session here.



« Career support greatly helps EPFL alumni remembering their high value on the job market. Boosting self confidence helps to find and succesfully apply for interesting positions.
Very systematic, good psychology. Very useful appointment. »
Fabien, Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2002

« Thanks to the support of the career alumni professional, I regain faith in myself and I landed a job at EPFL. That adviser was the first person to tell me that I was valuable speaking 4 languages, and being perfectly 3 trilingual and that my career path denoted of much flexibility when others would say it was too scattered. »
Catherine, Diploma in Architecture 1996

« This enabled me to gather a much higher level of understanding of the job market’s expectation, and formulate a career strategy with a well-structured and more efficient method. »
Andreas, Master in Mechanical Engineering 2011

« After nine years working at the same place, I quit my job in order to travel for one year with my family. Before leaving Switzerland, I met a carrer specialist at the epfl to speak about my future oportunities regarding my past profesional experiences and to know what to prepare before I start seeking a job when I come back. I found someone very competent and helpful, and interested in what I had to say and to ask. The advice I got during this hour were so useful that I already got a new job when I m still in my travel year!! Thank you so much! »
Elisenda, Diploma in Environmental Engineering 2003


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