Throughout their career, EPFL alumni often need to assess their personality traits and professional motivations, in order to develop their self-understanding and softskills.
To help you with these tasks, the EPFL Alumni department offers advice on assessment and in-depth coaching solutions for Contributors members.

You want to identify the right assessement or coaching solutions suited to your profile and goals.
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Please find below some free online personality tests.
16Personalities – short test based on Dr Jung & Ms Briggs-Myers theories (37 languages)
humanmetrics  – long test based on Dr Jung & Ms Briggs-Myers theories (EN, SP)
talentoday – quizz on personality traits & professional motivations (EN, DE, FR, SP, PO)

Personality tests are mainly based on analytical, cognitive or behavioural psychology models.
Results are neither good nor bad and are not 100% accurate. Reliability may differ from individual to individual.
Please take tests statements with caution and contact us for any issue.